Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas was fun!

Well, I survived Christmas! It was fun! Anyway, now I find the need to nap a little to recuperate from all the celebrating. Plus, I've got to be all rested up for New Year's Day so I can stay up late and party with Mommy and Daddy!

Grandma had her dining table all beautiful for the Christmas dinner!

There were lots of presents under the tree at Grandma's house. She had her tree and fireplace all looking festive on Christmas day!

My uncles, Loren and Claire, got Grandma a new HDTV flat screen TV for Christmas. It works great. Grandma enjoys the large screen and the crisp picture, as shown in the photo above taken in Grandma's living room.

My uncles, Loren and Claire, got Mommy a book written by a cat therapist that offers tips to help Mommy better communicate and understand me. And, Mommy and Daddy got me two new toys for Christmas including Edna, the stuffed butterfly, and a replacement Teenie Sardini fish toy. Both toys are filled with Organic Catnip making them each all the more fun and exciting to play with throughout our home. I had lost my previous Teenie Sardini when I bat in toward the dining room doorway and it slid between the pocket door's crack and is now wedged inside the wall. So far, Mommy and Daddy have not been able to retrieve it. Meanwhile, I have a new Teenie Sardini toy so I am happy!

Have a healthy and happy New Year! ~ Robert

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Only two more days til Christmas!

We have snow on the ground outside and it's starting to look a lot like Christmas. Daddy took some photos of our home after the freshly fallen snow, as you can see by the photos above and below ...

The Christmas wreaths are up on the outside of house. Below is the one on the front of the house. One just like it hangs near the breezeway/sun room entry door.

The Christmas tree is up in the formal living room ...

The formal living room coffee table is all decked out for Christmas ...

The Christmas stockings are all hung in the foyer. Mine is the red one, Mommy's is in the middle, and Daddy's is the green stocking at the top ...

The dining room table is decorated ...

And, I've got some "Robert's Christmas Sugar Cookies" and milk all set out in the family room waiting for Santa, as you can see by the photos below ...

There are already two wrapped presents under the tree with my name, Robert, on them. I'm starting to get really excited! I can't wait until Christmas when Santa comes and when I can spend quality time with Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, and my uncles, Loren and Claire.

Meanwhile, I wish you a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year! ~ Robert

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...

Oh the weather outside is frightful ... It snowed and Mommy took photos as seen above and below ...

But inside it's so delightful ...

Above and below, you can see that I didn't care if it was snowing. I just relaxed the whole time on the bench/settee in the formal living room.

And since I've no where to go ... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ... Be warm and stay happy! ~ Robert

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas tree is up!

So, Mommy decorated the Christmas tree. She took photos this evening of what she did. You can see the decorated tree above and below ...

I didn't help Mommy with the decorating. I just sat on the formal living room love seat and observed.

Besides, I have a little too much catitude to involve myself in labor intensive activities like putting up Christmas tree decorations ...

In the family room Mommy put up a smaller Christmas tree that is decked out in Western decor. You can see that photo below ...

As you see by the above photo, I was lounging next to it when Mommy snapped this picture.

By the way, Uncle Don broke his leg while moving a car engine the other day. He is restoring a 1953 Chevy, and the engine was on a tripod and while moving it, it fell over and broke his leg. He spent three days in the hospital and is home now recovering.

Uncle Don is shown in the photo above posing with an old plane. I am saying a prayer that Uncle Don will be as good as new very soon.

Above is a photo of Uncle Don, cousin Sam, and Daddy standing along the street outside our house.

So, this one's for you Uncle Don ...

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to Uncle Don! ~ Robert

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is coming! Santa is on his way!!!

Hi there! With just a few more days left until Christmas, I got my famous sugar cookies ordered and packaged up to give Santa when he comes to our house to deliver presents. I've been good this year, so I am expecting a lot of presents this year under the tree!!!!

Robert's Cookies: Holiday Sugar Cookies and Robert, the Manx cat ~ all ready for Santa!

So, Mommy and Daddy also got in the Christmas spirit and did a little more decorating around the house. See photos below ...

Formal living room coffee table all decked out for Christmas!

Dining room table all decked out for Christmas, too!

Another shot of the formal dining room decked out for Christmas!

Hey, you have a great rest of the weekend, and thanks again for stopping by my blog to see the latest endeavors. ~ Robert

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood ...

Most of the snow outside has melted, as you can see by the above photo Mommy shot from our front door step. So, it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood today. Cold outside and slightly overcast. But I'm inside where it's nice a toasty warm.

Mommy put a new Christmas wreath, shown above and below, up on the front of the house in preparation for the holiday season. I think the gold and green colors go nicely with our ivory house that is trimmed in brown.

Mommy also put a cute tree topper on the Christmas tree this morning, as shown in the photo below ...

Well, have a terrific day! I'm going to stop updating my blog for today, and resume some relaxation time downstairs ...

The above photo shows me relaxing on one of my baby blankets on top of Daddy's recliner in the family room. Mommy says the baby blanket helps from getting my hair all over Daddy's chair, and I think it makes relaxing more cozy since my blankets, including this one, are soft and cuddly feeling.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hi there!

On armrest of love seat in formal living room.

Hi there! It's me again. Thanks for checking back to see what I've been up to lately. Saturday is Aunt Judy's birthday so Daddy let me help pick out a card for her. See the card below ...

I liked the above card because the cat on the front cover has a yellow tabby patterned coat of hair and green eyes like me.

This is what Daddy, Mommy, and I wrote inside the card to Aunt Judy.

Later Mommy was going to give me some Laxatone to help with my hair ball situation. So, I went hiding from her on top of the piano bench. But then, as you can see by the above photo, she found me.

There is not much sense in arguing with Mommy, so I listened to her reasoning as to why it would be a good idea to take something to ease my hair ball problem. Upon the realization that Mommy knows best, I eventually got down from the piano bench and followed her into the kitchen for my hair ball treatment.

Have a good day! ~ Robert