Saturday, January 16, 2010


Me on one of my baby blankets snuggling on Daddy's lap while he watches TV in the Family Room and drink orange juice (shown on end table behind me).

Happy Saturday! The good news on my end is that my vet appointment this morning went smoothly. Luckily, after a thorough check-up the vet determined that I do not have an upper respiratory infection after all, as was originally suspected. (My Mommy tends to freak out if I show any signs of a cold or illness, so she took me to get checked out at the vet this morning. Mommy is rather overprotective sometimes, I think, but I'm glad she cares enough to make sure that I am always OK.) Anyway, my temperature seemed normal this morning and my heart sounds good. I also don't appear to have any swelling on my gums or anything. (Sometimes dental problems in cats can cause sneezing.) The vet thinks that my sneezing and puffiness around my eyes is a result of inflammation of my
sinuses due to excessive dryness in my nostrils and nasal passages. Daddy and Mommy have been instructed to run our dehumidifier more often since that might help with the winter dryness throughout our house, which is likely causing my current problem. So, it doesn't sound like anything too serious, and I will should be fine. The cooler temperatures this winter means our furnace has been running more often, and this makes our house more dry inside.

Hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful weekend! ~ Robert

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